Law of Attraction Simplified

Most people these days have heard of Law of Attraction (LOA) but if you’ve ever tried to research it, you may have found resources that aren’t always straight forward, that use terminology that sounds like a different language or you just don’t have the time to read a long-winded book on the subject. In this blog I’m going to attempt to simplify how LOA works so that you can begin putting the science into practise sooner rather than later. I say ‘science’ because LOA is actually a scientifically proven concept. Many people are sceptical about its authenticity (I was once one of them!) and have a preconception that LOA is just philosophical hocus-pocus. Nothing could be further from the truth.

World renowned scientist, Albert Einstein’s equation E=mc² states that the amount of energy held by an object is equal to its mass times the speed of light squared. Energy and mass are interchangeable; they are different forms of the same thing. Mass can become energy and energy can become mass under the right conditions. Therefore you have the power to turn thoughts to things - if you know how.

Everything in the world is made up of vibrating energy - from a solid table to us human beings. We all vibrate and transmit energy at varying frequencies 24 hours a day but most of us are blissfully unaware of this. The frequency of our vibrational energy is what determines the outcomes of our lives because one kind of energy attracts the same kind of energy to it. The way we control our energy and its frequency comes down to our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. This is where it’s exciting because by learning to take control of our thoughts, we gain the keys to empowerment and have the ability to steer our lives in the direction of our dreams. Your experience of life is not random, lucky or unlucky. It is actually the direct result of the THOUGHTS you think, the BELIEFS you have and the way you FEEL which determines the type of energy you vibrate and therefore the type of life you create for yourself.

Your Energy Frequency

To give you an example often used by Abraham Hicks, your frequency can be likened to a radio which is tuned into a particular channel. When you’re tuned into 102.7 on the FM dial, you only hear or experience what’s playing on that frequency. You cannot simultaneously hear what’s playing on 107.1. The same applies if you are spending most of your waking hours focused on negative thoughts such as worry, resentment, stress, anxiety, or fear - that’s all you will be able to experience in your life. Likewise, if you’re a naturally happy, joyful, grateful or loving person who spends the majority of their time in that state, then the same kind of happiness, joy and love will be drawn to you and become your reality. The type of energy you transmit is the same type of energy you will receive in your experience. It cannot be any other way.

The Power of Momentum

We have all been told that it is only by taking constant action and working hard that we can achieve success. This is true to some degree, but if your thoughts are scrambled all over the place or are mostly hanging around in negative frequencies, then no amount of action will lead you to success or happiness. If you can learn to focus your thoughts in the direction of your desires while mostly being in a state of satisfaction, you can achieve a healthy momentum and eliminate so much unnecessary action.

To use another of Abraham Hicks' analogies, visualise a train on a track that is at a standstill. What happens to the train represents the manifestation of your energy output. If you think pure negative thoughts for longer than 68 seconds, the energy created starts to move your train backwards. If you think pure positive thoughts for more than 68 seconds, your train starts to move forwards. If your thoughts are an equal mixture of the two, then your train will go backwards, forwards, backwards, forwards, essentially getting nowhere. If negative feelings consume the majority of your time, then your train will head into reverse and the more you feed those same thoughts, the more momentum your train gains until it's off and running in the wrong direction with such speed it's very difficult to stop. If your life resembles an ongoing train wreck, you've probably got your backward momentum running at high speed. By changing your focus, you can slowly begin to reduce the speed of the train and in time, bring it to a stop and start pushing it in the opposite direction towards joy and happiness.

When I first discovered LOA my train was most definitely running high speed in the wrong direction. During the first few months of consciously changing my thinking patterns, the circumstances I manifested were actually still undesirable because the built-up negative momentum needed time to subside and come to a grinding halt. But just imagine how amazing life can be once you get through that early pain and begin to turn things around? The same strength of momentum can apply in the opposite direction once you make a decision to spend the majority of your time in a healthy mindset. When I first learned of this, it felt like a massive weight was lifted from my shoulders and for the first time in my life, I could clearly see the power behind this and the amazing potential to control my own destiny. To say it excited me was an understatement! The power of momentum is something not always highlighted when people first discover LOA and often why many people give up on their efforts or lose faith in the process. It's very important to understand that your old way of being needs to subside before things can change for the better. Think of a rock being pushed from the top of a hill and how it gains speed and momentum on the way down until it comes to a crashing end at the bottom. It'd be very difficult to stop the rock half way down the hill, wouldn't it? You just have to hang in there for a while and wait for the momentum to come to its natural end. So be mindful of this during your first few months of attempting to make changes, that things need to subside before they can improve. The degree of this will vary depending on where you're at right now, the kinds of thoughts you've been feeding and for how many years you've followed the same patterns.

LOA in Steps

The process of LOA can be broken down into three basic steps but you really only need to turn your attention to steps one and three:

1)  Ask or have a desire for what you want

2)  The universe prepares to manifest your desire

3)  Receive the manifested reality of your desires


We are in a constant state of asking by desiring things, circumstances or experiences. We do this so naturally and automatically within our day to day lives that often we are unaware of it. Everyone has their own wishes and dreams but it could range from wanting to hear a certain piece of music, be a nicer person, get your body fit and healthy, own a specific car, meet the love of your life, live in a beautiful home, travel the world or become a professional basketball player – the list is endless and completely unique to you. The majority of us have already unknowingly, sent out to the universe a list of desires that would keep us active and busy for the rest of our lives.

The unwanted experiences we endure are actually immensely valuable because from those, we highlight to ourselves what we actually DO want. For example, if you have been the victim of bullying, unkindness or hatred, then chances are you’ve come away wishing for harmony, kindness and love. If you’ve lived in poverty, your resulting desire may be for financial abundance.

Be mindful of the thoughts that run through your head next time you find yourself asking for something. Be sure to focus on what you DO want and not what you DON’T want because the universe will bring whatever it is you’re thinking about, whether it be wanted or unwanted. If you have a negative experience and then say things to yourself like, “Losing that large amount of money was terrible, I don’t ever want that to happen again”, then guess what will happen? You’ll continue to lose more money because that’s the message you’re sending the universe and it will line you up with more of the same experience. The universe acts on the energy you give off and this statement is loaded with negativity, even though you're saying you don't want it. Contrary, if you pivot your thoughts and spend more time focusing on statements like, “I choose to experience financial abundance”, then the universe must ultimately provide you with financial abundance because this statement will transmit a good-feeling energy. Ever heard that saying, “Be careful what you wish for”?  Well now you know why!

The Universe Prepares to Manifest Your Desire

This second point is the easiest because we don’t have to do anything! Your thoughts, beliefs and emotions determine your energy, which is then transmitted automatically. The universe immediately gets to work on making your dreams come true by lining up all the components necessary to manifest your wishes into reality.


This third point is the challenge and where most of us trip up. Our dreams will not manifest if we cannot master this most important step. In order to receive or align with our desires, we must be in a state of ALLOWING. This is the tricky but fun part where we re-learn how to take charge of our thoughts, beliefs and feelings. So how do we do that?

By being in a state of ease and flow, being relaxed, having faith and an inner knowing that your desires will manifest. By practising the art of appreciation, gratitude and joy. By letting go of any neediness, anxiety, impatience or deadlines attached to the desired outcome. If you focus on these kinds of negative thoughts in relation to your desires, you are effectively building a brick wall between you and your desire and it will not be able to manifest. This is also commonly known as being in a state of resistance. In order to be in a state of alignment or receiving, you must allow the manifestation to burst into your reality by practising gratitude, peace, joy, happiness, appreciation and the like for the majority of time. It can be hugely challenging because we all have many false beliefs which have inadvertently become integral to us thanks to our well-meaning family, peers and environment. Probably the biggest one which many of us battle with is self-worth. “I’m not good enough, clever enough, nice enough, thin enough, worthy enough to have ... ” This was one of my biggest false beliefs that I’ve now learned to (mostly!) eradicate, particularly when it comes to money. It took me many years to realise that I was sabotaging myself when it came to financial gain because I actually believed I wasn’t worthy of it.

If you have spent most of your life thinking you’re not worthy or worrying or being in a state of fear, then it’s going to take time to turn that around. But the good news is it all starts with a single baby step. Our emotions are our guidance, so take some time out to assess how you feel right now as well as your past behavioural patterns . If your stomach is in a knot, if you feel angry, anxious or fearful, then know you will be blocking all the joy you desire. If you feel peaceful, relaxed and happy most of the time, then you’re on the right track. Be aware that your emotions and beliefs are directly related to your thoughts. Which direction is your train headed in?

I used to think I was a positive person until one day I realised I’d been thinking negative thoughts for the WHOLE day! Outwardly I would verbalise mostly positive statements and be the first to highlight the good things in life to others. But this particular day I had a light bulb moment when it dawned on me that the stuff going on in my head was actually ALL negative BS. I got myself into a terrible state letting my negative thinking take me to the depths of despair – I was even running scenarios through my head that weren’t even true! These ridiculous thought patterns made me FEEL physically upset and consequently meant that I was vibrating negative energy. And the worst part is, it is very difficult to distract yourself and put a halt on that kind of thinking once it's gained hours' worth of momentum. It is so important to try and nip this in the bud before it turns into that out-of-control rock falling half way down the hill.

What goes on in your head, directly affects how you feel, and if you feel negative emotion, know that you will be sending out the wrong kind of energy and attracting more of that straight back to you. The more you feed it, the more momentum it gains and the quicker your negative thoughts manifest problems into your reality. The sooner you can make yourself happy or feel joy, even for the most basic of life’s gifts, the sooner you will manifest your desires. And when you're feeling good, focus on that good vibe for as long as possible. Really draw it out and build the momentum behind those good feelings as much as you can.

If you have a big problem that’s consuming your mind, do your best to try and distract yourself from it. We are conditioned to try to always find a solution to problems, but the truth is, if we can find that 'good feeling place' more than we spend time worrying, the solutions miraculously appear without strain and effort. We don't need to know the answers or worry about how things will turn out.  When feeling overwhelmed, have a small sleep if possible or meditate to quiet your mind. Then from that calmer place, turn your attention to something you can appreciate or be grateful for. You might see a beautiful flower or a butterfly you can admire, or it could be appreciation for the comfort of being in your cosy bed. Focus on things or people that make you feel good for as long as you possibly can and make this a habit to do as much as possible every day. In time, the old banked-up negative momentum will subside and start turning in the opposite direction of positive momentum - that’s when the magic starts to happen!

LOA is the Most Powerful Universal Law

I thank you for working your way to the end of this article - I sincerely hope it gives you a better understanding of the fundamentals of LOA. I believe it’s a crying shame that every person on this earth is not taught the principles of LOA because it is absolutely fundamental to creating a beautiful life. If every child were taught this concept at school the world could be transformed for the better within the space of a single generation. The millions living on earth could have the most beautiful and satisfying lives! Thankfully, we are waking up and more and more people are becoming aware of this very important and powerful life skill.

So what are you waiting for? Start practising today, take the first baby steps toward transforming your life immediately and turn the direction of momentum towards happiness and joy. It won’t happen overnight but it will happen. Once you start seeing results you’ll feel so empowered you will never look back!

Onwards and upwards!


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