Hi there!  I’m so pleased to meet you 😊.  My name is Shelley and I provide a safe, one-on-one, confidential online video counselling service which embraces both cognitive and somatic approaches to assist healing and gain wellbeing.

I am a qualified counsellor and member of the Australian Counselling Association.  Truth is, I’ve been an ‘unofficial’ counsellor my entire life and absolutely know this is my purpose in life.  Helping to uplift others during times of crisis and share powerful tools to potentially change their lives, makes my heart sing. I love nothing more than witnessing people rise like a phoenix from the ashes as we work our way through the complexities that life inevitably throws on our paths.

Just when the chrysalis thought that life was over, it turned into a magnificent butterfly.

Although I’m a trained counsellor and happily utilise my most favoured tools such as Solution Focussed and Cognitive Behavioural therapies, I also believe that healing on a somatic (body) and energetic level is just as important as cognitive (mind) work.  And so, I embrace tools such as meditation, law of attraction principles and tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) for my clients where necessary.

Most of us, unknowingly (or knowingly) carry deep rooted emotional pain or traumas which impact our beliefs and trigger us into behaving or reacting in ways we don’t always understand.  In my experience, the most dramatic transformations providing relief and happiness come about by embracing a variety of tools which impact the mind, body and soul, allowing them to integrate harmoniously once more. It can literally be life-changing.

Pain is inevitable.  Suffering is optional.

Imagine if you were to paint an interior wall in your house.  If the wall were filled with cracks or holes and there was a patch of mould spreading across a corner, you’d never just whack a coat of paint straight over the top and expect it to look good for long, would you?  Of course not!  Most of the hard work is in preparing the canvas, making sure the wall is patched and sanded smooth, that any toxic mould is annihilated before applying the coats of paint to achieve the long-lasting beautiful finish that you desire.

The same applies to the human body.  Sure, we could focus only on the mind, but the most effective results come when we also service and tune the physical body and energetic forces as well.  Addressing emotional pain held within the body and becoming aware of our life force, allows us to release old negative thinking, false beliefs, pain and even trauma.  This then provides the perfect foundation upon which we can build new healthy habits and beliefs which ultimately bring joy and fulfilment .  So, as you can see, my approach to counselling is holistic.

This holistic approach is very effective at enabling clients to become aligned with their true selves once again.  It has the power to set us free from the worries and stresses of life and land us back on the path towards true, sustainable happiness.  Learning and applying these empowering tools when my own life hit rock bottom, was key to my personal transformation. These approaches can be used to help combat stress, anxiety, lack of self-esteem, depression, improve relationships and provide relief from all types of emotional pain, grief and trauma.  Whatever you are facing currently in your world, by working together I can help guide you towards a plan of action that is comfortable for you and tailored to your specific personal needs.

I believe that online video counselling consultations offer many advantages and is the way of the future.  COVID has recently changed our way of life in a lot of respects and many of us are now familiar with holding meetings via Zoom or other video applications. If your life is already a massive juggling act, or you’re in a position where you just can’t face the world outside right now, having a video consultation can offer a very convenient solution – no confronting telephone calls to make a booking, no wasting time getting to appointments, worries about parking, or feeling overwhelmed at the thought of visiting an actual practice.  Online video counselling means we can consult at a time that suits you, in a confidential manner from your own home or a place that feels safe and comfortable, saving you time, effort and stress.

It’s easy to make an appointment and a doctor’s referral isn’t necessary.  Just click here and use the calendar to book yourself an appointment with me.  For peace of mind, I offer a FREE fifteen-minute initial consult with no obligation as I appreciate what a gamble it can be to find a counsellor you can feel comfortable with and will meet your needs.

Know this: You are a brave warrior who is the creator of your own experience.  Somewhere locked inside of you, lies the potential to live an amazing life. For now, you may have just misplaced the keys.  It would be my honour to assist you in finding those keys to unlock the magnificent you that is busting to get out and enjoy life.  I very much look forward being of service to you.

Onwards and upwards!