Online confidential video counselling service based in Adelaide, South Australia offering a person-centred, non-judgemental and respectful approach with our accredited counsellor, Shelley. Her holistic counselling toolbox embraces a range of somatic and cognitive therapies. She is skilled at working collaboratively with her clients to guide and pinpoint a road forward that best suits their needs.

Shelley Molligoda Mohottige, holistic counsellor


Hi there!  I’m Shelley and am so pleased to meet you. I am a qualified member of the Australian Counselling Association and provide a safe, one-on-one, confidential online video counselling service which embraces both cognitive and somatic approaches to assist healing and gain wellbeing. My priority is always to provide unconditional and respectful emotional support for clients using a person-centred approach.

I’ve been a counsellor and healer of sorts my entire life and absolutely know this is my purpose.  Helping to uplift others during times of crisis and share powerful tools to potentially change their lives, makes my heart sing. I love nothing more than witnessing people rise like a phoenix from the ashes after being knocked around by the complexities of life.

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional

My holistic counselling toolbox encompasses traditional cognitive techniques such as Solution Focussed, Narrative, and Cognitive Behavioural therapies. These tools have their own unique merits enabling greater insight into problems, increase our self-awareness and gain a better understanding of our personal values and beliefs. Such techniques focus solely on the mind and brain.

But did you know that most of our suffering actually stems from buried stress and trauma that has become ‘locked’ in our physical bodies causing dysregulation within our nervous systems?  Most of us, knowingly or unknowingly, carry deep rooted emotional pain or trauma within the cells of our bodies, which when triggered, can cause us to behave or react in ways we don’t always understand.

Traditional psychotherapy would have us believe we can resolve emotional pain just by focusing upon the mind. But if like me, you’ve ever tried psychotherapy and come away frustrated, or had only short-term relief, then you may begin to understand that true healing needs to be approached on a much deeper level. We are not just the mind, we are a complex combination of energy, the physical and psychological. I strongly believe that healing on a somatic and energetic level is critically important which is why I also embrace a range of tools including meditation, EFT tapping, law of attraction and other exercises to help facilitate this. These methods (many of which have been used in indigenous cultures for thousands of years) have been shown to release trauma and regain healthy management of our emotions. If we skip this important part of the process, then traditional psychotherapy just becomes a short-term band-aid measure.

Over and over, I’ve witnessed the most dramatic transformations come about by utilising holistic tools which impact the mind, body and soul, allowing them to integrate harmoniously once more.


Imagine if you were to paint a wall within your house. If the wall were filled with cracks or holes and a patch of mould was spreading across a corner, you’d never just paint straight over the damage and expect it to look good for long, would you?  Most of the important work is done in preparing the foundation, making sure the wall is clean, patched and sanded before applying paint to achieve the long-lasting beautiful finish that you desire.

The same applies to human beings. Addressing emotional pain holistically allows us to release the buried burden held within the body, leaving a beautiful clean canvas upon which we can build a set of new life-enhancing beliefs and habits. I’ve applied these methods to myself and can honestly say, I have overcome anxiety, depression and many self-defeating behaviours of my past. I now enjoy a true sense of empowerment, peace, wellbeing and overwhelming gratitude for everything going on in my world. Finally, life is happening FOR me, not TO me.

Just when the chrysalis thought that life was over, it turned into a magnificent butterfly

It’s my mission to arm as many people as possible with knowledge that can help set them free from all types of emotional pain including stress, anxiety, lack of self-esteem, depression, grief and relationship issues. To guide them to a path of true, sustainable happiness because life is supposed to be joyful, loving and fun!

Whatever you are facing currently, please know that the darkest hour always comes before the dawn. So grab your darkest hour and take the opportunity it brings to propel yourself into the light once more. Begin your healing journey and learn how to become the creator of your own reality.

By working together we can devise a plan that feels comfortable and tailored to your specific personal needs. I believe that online video counselling offers many advantages and is the way of the future.  Many of us are now familiar with holding meetings via the likes of Zoom. If your life is already a massive juggling act, or maybe you just can’t face the world outside right now, then having a video consultation can offer a very convenient solution. We can connect at a time that suits you, in a confidential manner from your own home or a place that feels safe and comfortable, saving you time and stress.

Just click on the calendar link [coming soon] to book yourself an appointment. For peace of mind, I offer a FREE fifteen-minute initial consult with no obligation.  From my own experience, I appreciate what a gamble it can be to find a counsellor who feels right. It’s of utmost importance that you select a professional with whom you feel comfortable, to enable the best possible outcomes for yourself.

Your mind is like a garden – sometimes flowers struggle to grow because the weeds have taken over.  It would be my honour to walk beside you through your garden and together pull out those weeds, allowing your natural beauty to freely flourish. Life is supposed to be fun, so let’s work together on splashing the colour back into your world!

I very much look forward to meeting you soon. Onwards and upwards!