Transform Your Life

Are you looking for change and longing to bust out of the rat race? Do you instinctively feel that the traditional way of making a living is wrong on so many levels? Is there a voice deep down inside of you, screaming to be set free – a voice that…

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Law of Attraction Simplified

Most people these days have heard of Law of Attraction (LOA) but if you’ve ever tried to research it, you may have found resources that aren’t always straight forward, that use terminology that sounds like a different language or you just don’t have the time to read a long winded…

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Choose Happiness

Got a case of the blues?  Feeling a bit rundown and fed up?  It’s perfectly normal to experience these feelings from time to time.  For me it’s usually winter that brings on the miseries or when I feel overwhelmed with not having enough hours in the day to achieve the…

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