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We are Akila and Shelley – the founders of The Digital Dragonfly – a married couple with three awesome, crazy kids who are blessed to live in the beautiful state of South Australia. Ours is a blended family of mixed culture, all living in harmony (mostly!) constantly learning, evolving and having fun together. Akila is a qualified chef and massage therapist who also has a keen interest in fitness, yoga and Ayurvedic medicine. Shelley holds a Diploma in Counselling, practises Reiki healing and is a huge advocate of the scientifically proven principles of the Law of Attraction.

The Dragonfly symbolises the evolution of self, mental and emotional maturity, understanding the deeper meaning of life and most importantly TRANSFORMATION. It is our dream as digital entrepreneurs to see as many people in this world, from every walk of life, rediscover themselves and learn how to unlock their true potential. To inspire and guide others to find their purpose, regain mental, physical and spiritual fulfillment by sharing our professional knowledge and experience. Check out our Blog and Inspiration pages for useful advice, information and guidance to assist you in creating a healthier and happier lifestyle.

In recent years, our lives have never felt more exciting and inspiring and that’s because we made the important yet confronting decision to create radical change. We pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones and jumped on a journey of self-improvement which in turn led to a wonderful opportunity to create a business in digital entrepreneurship. We undertook an internet based e-learning training course for business owners aimed at teaching you everything you need to know about setting up and marketing an online business. This comprehensive training and mentorship provided us with the tools and confidence to create our own business which has led to a whole new realm of personal fulfillment, freedom and happiness. There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t do the same! (click the button below to find out more about this potentially life-changing education platform).

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But, this renewed sense of happiness all came about through desperation, exhaustion and despair about the way our world was turning out. Our family, like most others, has experienced its fair share of stress, problems, set-backs and heartbreak peppered through the years. Frankly, it was from a place of rock bottom that we took a leap of faith to change it all. You know that saying, “The darkest hour comes before the dawn?” We spent many years feeling restrained by our full-time jobs, sharing the responsibilities of raising children (it’s all-consuming!) juggling time with family and friends, trying to stay healthy (yeah right!) kids’ sport commitments, cooking, cleaning, washing, shopping blah, blah, blah (is there ever a day off from all of this?!) We kidded ourselves that all the hard work was getting us somewhere; that the deposit for the house we longed for would eventuate, that the aches and pains we both felt would only be temporary, that it was okay our employers dictated when we had annual leave, that dinners-on-the-run and the relentless list of frustrations were acceptable. We believed that the sacrifices we were making would all be beneficial in the end and justified our circumstances by believing in the majority mindset. You know how we’re all brainwashed with the following kind of lines?

But everyone is in the same situation … All families need both parents to work these days … Every working parent in the world is stressed and tired … That’s just how life is … What couple do you know with kids can escape for a ‘date night’ or have spare time to pursue their own interests?… If you want to please your kids and get them that new Play Station or pay for their sporting memberships, YOU GOTTA GO TO WORK AND SACRIFICE EVERYTHING! … right??   

Oh, how wrong we were!  But still, we battled on …

We worked different shifts each week making it so difficult to establish any kind of routine. We crossed each other’s path on the way to and from work, handing over the baton like we were in some messed up never-ending relay race. We both pursued different courses and career paths driven by a primal need for purpose and fulfillment. But they all led to the same result at the end of the day – trading time for money – but not time for us and our family. It still meant we were chained to working for others on their terms, not ours. Surely life isn’t meant to be like this? There’s got to be more satisfaction and more time for fun, right? 

That hopelessness eventually led us to a journey of self-development and that’s when the magic started to happen. We learned about the true power of our thoughts, beliefs and feelings. We discovered that actually WE are the creators of our own destinies. It turns out life is not some sort of lucky dip or random set of circumstances. Humans have the potential to create absolutely anything we desire, if we tap into the power of our own minds and learn to overcome self-defeating beliefs and behaviours. 

Akila and I have experienced the liberation of eliminating negative beliefs and thought patterns. We became aware that in many ways we had been our own worst enemies; sabotaging ourselves within a cycle of negative thinking, complaining, worrying, doubting, stuck in a whirlwind of fear about the future for our family. Feeling like we were pawns in somebody else’s game of life.

The Law of Attraction was something we heard of years ago but back then this theory sounded wishy-washy and hocus-pocus to us. We had this idea that something so simplistic couldn’t possibly be effective. I guess we weren’t ready for these teachings then. But as the years rolled by, we became more open-minded and curious because clearly the way we’d lived our lives wasn’t gaining the results we wanted to achieve. The majority of us have been led to believe that in order to have success in any form, it must require an enormous amount of effort to attain it. This is not necessarily true. It actually all depends on where your head-space is at. If your thought patterns and belief systems are all over the place, then no amount of action will deliver your goals or sustain them long term. It is all about getting those thoughts and beliefs streamlined first and foremost. Get that most important step right and you will have created the most powerful foundation with which to springboard into action all of your desires. Then all your hard work will pay off.

So we took up the challenge and consciously analysed and overhauled our beliefs and thought processes. We weeded out the rubbish and began planting new seeds and made some serious changes to our habits. With baby steps over time, our new approach to thinking has turned those seeds into a flourishing garden of beauty. We have turned the momentum in a positive direction and are experiencing ongoing evidence proving the effective truth of this law. Our frantic world of before has now been replaced with an invaluable sense of peace, reassurance and satisfaction. It all began with letting go of old destructive beliefs and worries, focusing more on gratitude and appreciation, learning to be happy in the moment. If you can learn to let go of resistance and self-defeating belief systems, before you know it you will feel light as a feather and a whole new beautiful world opens up. Allow the universe to dance its magic with you!

If you’d like to know more about how we did it, feel free to read further about us below and explore other pages on The Digital Dragonfly website for advice, tips and inspiration. Embark upon your own new journey towards a more satisfying and joyful life now!

Onwards and upwards!

Akila and Shelley

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